Easiest Way to connect with Couchbase using Scala


In this blog, we have explained how easily we can connect with Couchbase, store and fetch data  using scala through an example.

Tools and technologies used :

SBT 0.13.8
Scala 2.11.6
Couchbase Server 4.0 Beta
JDK 1.7

Please follow below instructions to use this example:-

1) Install and configure Couchbase

a) Download the couchbase server from here.

b)  If you are using ubuntu, then Install the package using the dpkg command as a privileged user under sudo. For example:

c) Get Couchbase Server up and running quickly.

d) You can configure your server using the instructions given here.

2) Set up build.sbt

3) Couchbase Connection

Connect with Couchbase using CouchbaseCluster

Selection_0334) Create Person case-class

5) Write store and fetch method to get data from Couchbase

6) Go to http://localhost:8091/ and create a bucket “person”

7) Now run

8) Now go back to http://localhost:8091/, you will able to see person data in JSON format.

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