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Integrating Apple Push notifications functionality in Scala

Neelkanth Sachdeva

Recently i’ve implemented the Apple push notification functionality in our application. Its just a few lines of code and you’ll find it in action.

Go through this , one of the good blog for getting the Apple’s certificates and other required stuff ready.

(i’m being lazy i know 😉 but the above specified blog is enough i think for getting the certificate & other stuff ready)

Once you’ve private key file & certificate with you , select both of them together and export it as .p12 file. You’ll be prompted for a pass-phrase , enter the pass-phrase and export the file (Remember this pass-phrase)

Now you’ve :

1. .p12 file.
2. Pass-phrase in your mind.

Lets write the code :

A. Add this dependency in your build.sbt ( or in appropriate) file

B. Prepare the APNS service as :

Here APNSCertPath is being referred to the above created…

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