Spark with Spray Starter Kit


Over the last few months, Spark has gained a lot of momentum in Big Data world. It has won a lot competitions & surveys, like Daytona Gray Sort 100TB competition or becoming top level Apache Project and many more. Irrespective of whether it is a product which is a fast/general engine for large-scale data processing, Spark has found its use everywhere.

The best part about Spark being that is it can be combined with any tool to perform data crunching or to build REST Services, etc.

The starter kit which is the main part of this post, is a template which allows you to accept incoming REST requests, route them to the corresponding Spark server, which provides a response and then carrying back this response to the actual user in a non-blocking, performant way.

We chose Spray as a REST service integration tool to build this template as Spray has become a de-facto standard…

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