Mastering in Frontend : Getting Into Concepts – Part 1

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Okay so now you have decided to delve into frontend technologies or just wanted to have a look what these confusing things are, Frustrated ?? don’t be, life is easy, until you do not have girlfriend, EXCEPTIONAL if you have good one (a myth). 😉

So as the backend technologies are getting change / improve day by day, same is happening with frontend ones. Lots of Javascripts’ libraries/frameworks, many of them we get to hear even first time, thats why we get confuse with their names and usage.

In this blog i will not bring you to the topics’ definition directly, but i will explain them whenever the reason of knowing those things would occur, by this way you would be having a reason to know them, one of my favourate mentor says “Don’t study things untill you do not need them, because they will come and go, read…

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