How the Interns at Knoldus Caused a Flutter at Scala Days 2015 !


Knoldus is a select Typesafe partner and has been engaged in delivering reactive, scalable products for the last 4.5 years. The company boasts of well rounded full stack developers who engage with the clients and take their reactive product dream to reality. A lot of case studies can be accessed here. An integral part of the Knoldus Internship Program (KIP) is to introduce great minds on Java to the beautiful Scala language. There are 2 months worth of classroom sessions held for engineers who want to leap to Scala after having worked for a few years on Java. These sessions include Scala, Akka, Play framework, Spark, Spray, Design Patterns, Good coding practices, TDD with Scala, Selenium DSL, Angular js, Backbone and much more. The batch of KIP-2015 was no different. We had a set of very capable interns join us and we started brain washing them on Scala.


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