Play with Reactive Slick: A Simple CRUD application in Play! framework using Slick 3.0

Recently Typesafe released Slick 3.0.0-RC1


Recently Typesafe released Slick 3.0.0-RC1, the first release candidate for “Reactive Slick”. Reactive Slick has many new features like Support for Reactive Streams API, a new API for composing and executing database actions and many more.

Before moving forward, we recommended you to go through the Slick 3.0.0-RC1 Upgrade guide. So, that you can get a hint of major changes in Slick 3.0.

In this post, we will see how to build a Reactive Play application with Reactive Slick. In order to build a simple CRUD application in Play framework using Reactive Slick (Slick-3.0.0-RC1) we need to follow these steps:

1) Run activator new play-reactive-slick play-scala to create a new Play application.

2) Add following dependencies in build.sbt file

Here we are using PostgreSQL as database. So, if you have not installed it yet, you can download it from here.

3) Next, we need to add bidirectional mapping…

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