Moving from Java to Scala

Programming in Scala is FUN

R.N Tech

Functional programming was nowhere to be seen during my time at University, nor in my professional career, that is up until the point Scala came out of its shell. Object oriented programming had ruled and the only time I had heard much about functional languages were stories from more experienced engineers, most of which usually started with “back in the day”. But in my mind “back in the day” translated to an era of floppy disk drives, ASM programming and low-level hackery, naturally I took no notice.


I remember sitting in a SkillsMatter training course with a Typesafe representative, we had just finished a chapter on the fundamental basics of Scala, I was completely bamboozled by the notion of a lambda, what had happened to the safe haven of verbose imperative code?

In the beginning

Coming from a team of solid Java developers I was initially…

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