Spray authenticate directive : A decoupled way to authenticate your API


Organization exposes critical business data or user’s private data through API. It is required to protect API against any unauthorized access, attack or security breach. In this blog I am not going to discuss API security mechanism. Here I want to detailed out the separation of API authentication from underlying RESTful Api.

Authentication / Authorization is cross cutting concern and it must be decoupled from business logic. In this post I am going to discuss Spray’s authenticate directive which handle authentication/authorization in decoupled way.

From Spray’s documentation.
“Directives” are small building blocks of which you can construct arbitrarily complex route structures.

A directive does one or more of the following:

  • Transform the incoming RequestContext before passing it on to its inner Route
  • Filter the RequestContext according to some logic, i.e. only pass on certain requests and reject all others
  • Extract values from the RequestContext and make them available to…

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