Map reduce with Akka and Scala: The famous word count


After working for around a decade with Java and family, recently i tried my hands with Scala and Akka. Yes! changing taste buds is not at all easy. But working with Scala is fun!  Prior to this, every time when i start on building some APIs, First thing which comes in my mind is

Number of java classes or beans. Honestly a POJO is never more than having getters and setters. (Do i need them?)

Scala just made it easy. Let’s see how!


Honestly in previous java blogs i used to skip these setters and getters by simply mentioning as

// getters and setters!

With Scala it’s really easy.

By the way, you can also define a property class for this and access it as property.
There are number of things which makes Scala having an added advantage over Java(e.g. immutability, utility functions etc.) but i will skip these…

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