And You Thought Option is Just Another Way to Handle null


Ok, to start with, the recommendation is to use None instead of null. Ideally if in Scala code, we end up getting a NPE then that is sin! Well at least at Knoldus 🙂

null in Java is used as a placeholder for denoting no value or a non-fatal error situation. It is widely accepted as a Billion dollar mistake of Java. The way to work around it is to have a NullObjectPattern which is present as a pattern in variety of languages and which people seldom use.

Scala is smart. It has an option which is a container. Now the container can either have something or it can be empty. Most of the times developers working in Scala use it in either of the two situations

First, when they are working with a Java API which possibly returns null. Since you would not want to work with null…

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